The Activator

The Activator is an obligatory complementary device to the MED.
The Activator is intended to switch between the 2 operating modes of the MED, and activate the MED device before use.


The operating modes of the MED are:


Sleep mode

in this mode the MED does not produce an electromagnetic field, and has a shelf life of one year. You cannot use the MED on a patient in this mode.

Active mode 

in this mode the MED produces an electromagnetic field. You can use the MED on a patient only in this mode.

Every doctor that uses the MED needs one Activator in his clinic. Unlike the MED, the Activator is for multiple use.

Activator Instructions For Use

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time by 2/3

Offering the only treatment in
cases of peri-implantitis and
peri implant mucositis


Introducing dental
implantation to candidates
with low bone quality