FAQ about the MED

1. How long does the battery lasts?

The MED has a shelf life of 18 monthes in sleep mode. Before using the MED on a patient it must be activated using the MED Activator. After activation the MED has an operating life of 50 days in ON mode

2. Is the MED reusable?

No. the MED is not reusable and is for single use only. The MED cannot be recharged, or sterilized because of its interior micro-electronic parts.

3. Is the MED Activator reusable?

Yes. The MED Activator is reusable and can be used the activate many MEDs.

4. Can I use the MED in cases of peri-implantitis?

We are in the currently preforming experiments about the MED impact in cases of peri-implantitis. Our results show that the MED suppresses peri-implantitis, but we yet to know the treatment protocol.

5. Does the MED has any impact on other close implants (beside the implant the MED is screwed into)?

No. the MED produces an electro-magnetic field in a 1-2 mm radius around the implant.

6. Is the electro-magnetic field is dangerous?

No. the electro-magnetic field is only 1% of the limited radiation allowed for medical devices. The MED was tested Standards institutions and laboratories and has CE mark.

7. Is the MED legal to use in Europe?

Yes. The MED has CE mark, and can be used in Europe.

8. Is using electro-magnetic fields to stimulate bone growth and bone quality is new?

No. using electro-magnetic fields to stimulate bone growth and bone quality is a well-known method used in orthopedics. The innovation of the MED is miniaturizing the machine that produces the electro-magnetic field to the size of a regular healing cap.

9. Which implants systems does the MED fit?

The MED was designed to fit most dental implants systems such as Nobel, MIS, Zimmer, and Alfa-Bio.

The MED fits most internal hex systems.

10. If needed, can the MED be redesigned to fit a specific dental system?

Yes. The MED can be redesigned and manufactured to fit most implant systems.

11. How high is the MED?

The MED is 5-9 mm high depending on the implant it is screwed into.

12. Isn’t the MED too big for incisors and pre-molar teeth?

Yes. The MED is designed for use in molar teeth and for some premolar cases . We are developing a smaller version of the MED that will fit the use in incisors and pre-molar teeth.

13. Does the MED have different sizes and heights?

No. this is the first model of the MED. We are working on a smaller version of the MED.

14. Do I need an Activator to use the MED?

Yes. You need to have an activator to switch on the MED before use.


time by 2/3

Offering the only treatment in
cases of peri-implantitis and
peri implant mucositis


Introducing dental
implantation to candidates
with low bone quality