Magdent’s novel technology utilizes electromagnetic fields to stimulate, accelerate, and improve bone formation and quality for shorter, more successful dental implant procedures and suppresses bone infections  – making it the only treatment in cases of Peri-implantitis and Peri-implant mucositis.

MagDent has developed its first product, MED – Miniaturized Electromagnetic Device small enough to fit most dental implants. MED is easily screwed into the implant and removed at the end of the treatment period using regular protocols.

Magdent’s MED — incorporates a battery, an electronic device and a coil that fits most implant models in much the same way as today’s simple healing cap. The unique design eliminates the external devices currently used during implant surgery

MED’s technology actively stimulates, accelerates and improves osseogenesis (bone formation) and osseointegration, for shorter, more successful dental implant placement

MED Offers the only proved treatment in cases of Peri-implantitis & Peri-implant mucositis that eliminates the need for surgical procedures

MED suits candidates who may otherwise not be considered for implants: older people with decreased bone density, patients with bone diseases (including diabetes, osteoporosis, metabolic diseases of the bone), and smokers.

The Advantages

Magdent offers key advantages for dentists, periodontists, and patients.


Amount of bone connection to implant; bone density
Success rates
Success rates in treatment of Peri-Implantits
# of candidates for implants, Patient satisfaction
Dentist revenue stream, cash flow, standard of care



Treatment time by 2/3
# clinic visits
Damage to bone
Repeat/repair surgeries

Bone Growth Acceleration by Electromagnetic Stimulation


Peri Implantitis Treatment by Electromagnetic Stimulation

time by 2/3

Offering the only treatment in
cases of peri-implantitis and
peri implant mucositis


Introducing dental
implantation to candidates
with low bone quality