Magdent’s MED can be compatible with up to 85% of the implant brands S/P.
Our R&D department allows to verify compatibility within only a few days.

Instructions for use:

Step 1

When the MED is placed in the Activator, a Red light will illuminate, signaling it is ready to be activated.

Step 2

After pressing the red button, the activation button will beep and blink four times in Blue, indicating the MED is ready for use for 30 consecutive days.

Step 3

The Magdent MED device can be inserted into the implant using our 1.25 hex driver.


The MED is made of Ti-6AI-4V (a standard titanium alloy used in implant dentistry) and is shaped like a simple healing abutment, with a 1.25mm (0.05”) hex socket.

It is installed in accordance with the usual protocols for the use of healing abutments with the exception that the MED needs to be activated with an Activator (sold separately) before being installed inside the implant.
Similar to simple healing abutments, the MED is also designed for single use.
Once activated, the MED’s battery will generate an electromagnetic field for up to 30 days.

The MED comes in a variety of models to fit different implant brands and models. Note that each MED model will only fit a specific implant model.
You can check which MED model fits your preferred implant here (MED implant compatibility table).

The MED is supplied with a single-use 1.25mm (0.05”) hex driver that is used as a carrier to seat the MED into the implant and to thread the MED into the implant using finger pressure.

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